Rubber Tracked Dumper Crawler Carriers

Tracked Dumper

Rubber Tracked Dumper Crawler Carriers

The RT9 rubber tracked dumper utilizes a bolt-on dumper bed instead of a traditional welded on bed so the bolt on accessories and options can be changed out regularly to make the most of the rubber tracked dumper carrier. The RT9 tracked dumper is built to exceed expectations and keep pace with your operation's expanding requirements.

Since the rubber tracked dumper does have rubber tread instead of steel the limitations of the work environment is far less limited. Wheeled dumpers can get caught in the mud but a rubber track dumper will crawl right over most terrain without issue. The only concern to really have with a rubber track dumper is how many loads you can try to fit into one day because it will just keep going if you can. The RT9 rubber tracked dumper is reliable, safe, and customizable to work with not just the dumper bed but rigs and accessories as well.

Haul up to 18,000lbs on the tracked dumper with it's raw power supplied by a Cummins diesel engine generating 230 horsepower. The RT9's rubber tracked dumper bed is 12' long, over 8' wide and features quick unloading via the 60-degree dumping angle. The RT9 tracked dumper packs power and agility into a capable crawler carrier ready to deliver job site necessities to drill rigs, excavation sites, and nearly area of general construction.

Although service panels are easily accessible on the RT9, consult a technician or the manual for any modifications or maintenance being performed before starting the update. Components of the tracked dumpers were designed for bolt-on installation verse primarily welded to allow for the maximum customization and adaptability for multiple job requirements in one rubber tracked dumper.

For more information on purchasing a Terramac Rubber Tracked Dumper Crawler Carrier, contact our primary dealer, Rig Source, Inc.  Rig Source’s trained staff can provide speedy and accurate delivery on all parts and service requests.