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Exclusive Bolt On/Off Feature Education


Terramac crawler carriers are designed with an exclusive bolt on/off feature on the chassis which simplifies the ability to interchange support equipment. A common practice in the heavy equipment world is swapping out support equipment for the various tasks at hand, but more often than not that process requires cutting and welding the frame which permanently modifies the unit. Terramac eliminates this type of permanent damage with the exclusive design made up of adjustable pads and bolts. All Terramac straight frame carriers are built with four bolt points strategically placed around the unit. These bolt points provide the flexibility necessary for the standard carrier to be adjusted rather than permanently altered to accommodate most modifications. The bolt on/off design feature preserves crawler carrier frame life and significantly reduces time spent interchanging various beds and support equipment.

RT9 & RT14 Bolt Points

Terramac Bolt On/Off Features

  1. The first bolt point is the removable rear hinge. This was added to the rear of the carrier frame to allow for rear end extension without altering the unit’s frame.
  2. The second bolt point is located on the front extension. Since Terramac carriers already have a reinforced extended frame in the front, bolts were added to accommodate specialty equipment such as a jack or winch if needed.
  3. The third bolt point is the carrier’s bed rest. Since hydraulic beds require use of a bed rest and some specialty equipment does not, this feature can be added or removed as needed.
  4. The fourth bolt point is the carrier safety step which was designed for increased safety while reducing frame damage when the step needs to be removed for repair.

For more information on Terramac crawler carriers or the exclusive bolt on/off feature, please contact 630.365.4800 or find a dealer near you.