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East Coast Dealer Expands Their Offerings


Terramac® dealer, Shafer Equipment based out of West Virginia opened doors to a second branch in the heart of pipeline work – Clarksburg, West Virginia.

Shafer’s new location can be spotted right off Route 50 which is ideal for providing visibility to Marcellus pipeline workers already travelling the main highway to get from one location to another. Shafer’s rental center features various types of heavy equipment used on the pipeline, including Terramac® crawler carriers. Since Shafer signed on as a Terramac® dealer in 2013, they have been able to offer customers more versatility than ever before, and the addition of a second branch increases the accessibility of equipment from Shafer.

Shafer Equipment Location Map

According to Howard McCullough, office manager at Shafer, “The more we can diversify these units, the more business we find.”  Thus far, Shafer has customized a number of their units with attachments such as personnel carriers, tac welders, and hydroseeders all while maintaining a large inventory of convertible flat/dump beds, which is the standard bed configuration on the RT9. “The utilization just keeps growing with every attachment feature we add to our fleet. These Terramac’s have proven to be a hot commodity on pipeline jobsites and we credit that to its top notch versatility,” McCullough continued.

In the last month, Shafer has been hard at work moving a portion of their existing rental fleet of Terramac® rubber track carriers to their northern location in Clarksburg, WV. “Central proximity to the work is huge. Now that we’re approximately 70 miles closer to the action, we’ve lowered transportation costs and sped up delivery and support for our customers,” said

McCullough. With proximity like this and all that it offers, it is very likely that Shafer will continue to develop their fleet in the coming months as utilization increases with spring jobsite activity.

The new Shafer Equipment location will be managed by Kyle Gay whom many in the area may already be familiar with. “Our new location is a work in progress. We’ve only been up there for about a month, but in time we hope to dedicate more sales representatives to the area as well,” exclaims McCullough. For now, Kyle is the “go to” guy for carrier needs in the area, and his involvement in the industry makes him more than qualified to get the northeast Shafer location up and running. Great news for those of you working in the Marcellus area!

For more information on Shafer’s new location, directions to the facility, or additional information on the Terramac® RT9 unit, give us a call today or contact Shafer direct.

NEW Shafer Equipment

New Shafer Equipment Location


232 Davisson Run Rd, Clarksburg, WV 26301


Shafer Equipment Main

1420 Bufflick Rd, Clendenin, WV 25045


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724 Hicks Dr,

Elburn, IL 60119