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Terramac® Tackles Chicago’s Electrical Transmission & Distribution Exposition


Terramc with an IEEE Show LogoWe did our research and could foresee the potential that lie within Chicago’s 2014 IEEP PES Transmission and Distribution Conference and Exposition. We couldn’t resist sending our sales representatives to scope it out. With such a high level of interest popping up in the utility industry over the RT9 crawler carrier, we knew there would be future customers at this show that needed to discover the Terramac® difference.

Electrical Industry Schmoozing

Twelve thousand attendees and seven hundred exhibitors all working towards one goal, to create the power grid of America, unite at this show. Each attendee is there to seek out the latest and greatest in technological developments within the electrical industry, and they do so through a variety of education sessions and technical tutorials.  This show provides ample opportunities for professionals within the industry to share products, technologies and find influential companies that will lead the future of the utility industry.

Be Distinct with Terramac®

Crawler carriers have made quite the transformation over the course of time, and the need for them seems to continually grow. Utility services has been a growing market for the Terramac® RT9 crawler carrier unit, and while our sales representatives were out walking the show they found many utility contractors in agreement.

“The efficiency of the Terramac® RT9 carrier has been a tremendous help.” – Current Customer

“We’ve certainly heard of the unit and can’t wait for the opportunity to use it to reduce downtime for our company.” – Future Customer

In talking to existing customers it was obvious that the unit is performing as expected. Potential customers recognize the value and are anxious to start reaping the benefits of the Terramac® RT9 crawler carrier.

Challenging Terrain

One of the toughest aspects of electrical distribution is finding equipment that can run through various types of terrain, especially with seasonal weather factors at play, to create new transmission lines as the American grid grows. The Terramac® RT9 crawler carrier doesn’t have a problem with this which is why utility contractors take a liking to the unit. It was built to handle rough terrain, and even has steel cleats that can be attached to the rubber track for added traction in snow, ice and muddy conditions.

Taking chances is a big part of what got Terramac® where it is at today, and we’re only growing. Attending this show not only gave us access to speak with a number of end users in the electrical transmission and distribution industry, but it was also an excellent learning tool into the industry. If you’ve got a goal in mind to help build the grid, give Terramac® a call today at 630.365.4800. We have the RT9 crawler carrier that will get you there!