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Terramac® Expands Its Footprint


We are excited to bring you additional sales, service and support in the US.

It is official – Terramac® has partnered with five new dealers in the US that will cover a dozen states and include over twenty five branches. Each one of these new dealers is fully equipped with Terramac® product knowledge, and has an extensive history of expertise in heavy equipment sales, rental and service.

Below is a list & map of our newest Terramac® dealers

Lyle Machinery – Northern Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama & the Panhandle of Florida

McClung-Logan Equipment Company – Virginia, Maryland, Delaware & Washington D.C.

McClung-Logan Crane & Equipment – North Carolina & South Carolina

Vermeer Texas-Louisiana – Texas & Central and Southern Louisiana

Shafer Equipment – West Virginia


Customer Benefits of New Terramac® Dealers

It is our hope at Terramac® that by extending our network of dealers to our customer’s, it will offer more localized and accessible support, create more camaraderie, and less hassle for end users. We understand the urgency of getting equipment when you need it, and nothing can replace having that reliable source at your fingertips. View contact information for each dealer.

Always Room to Grow

With Terramac® there is a lot of ground to cover, and we are always looking to expand our dealer network even further. We will go the extra mile for our customers, and seek companies committed to doing the same. If you’re looking to enhance your product line with the latest Terramac® crawler carrier, and join in the expansion of the Terramac® network, give us a call at 630.365.4800. Our Terramac® team is enthused to help you claim your territory today!