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RT9 Keeping Up With Versatility


Terramac® is always seeking ways to stay on top of its versatility by providing what the competitors offer plus some. The addition of cleats on crawler carriersClose Up View of Terramac Cleats on Rubber Track is not a new invention, but cleats on the Terramac® RT9 unit is. National Driller magazine found this combination appealing enough to provide Terramac® with editorial coverage in both their online August edition as well as their October print edition.

Terramac® already offers the highest degree of versatility in the crawler carrier industry, and the ability to provide its customers with cleats for poor weather conditions only adds to it. National Driller Magazine goes on further, discussing the exact benefits of these cleats. Access a copy Terramac’s cleat unveiling article at National Driller Magazine and find out how they can benefit you.

For additional information on the Terramac® RT9 crawler carrier and its removable cleats, call Terramac® today at 630.365.4800! Our dedicated Sales Team is eager to help you get set up in a Terramac® RT9 carrier with removable cleats before winter weather strikes and time on the job is lost.