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Terramac is proud to provide a full dealer network covering the United States & Canada.

All of our crawler carriers are designed for ultimate versatility, safety and reliability, and it is our pleasure to also keep you covered with localized support and service!

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Industries served by Terramac

Customized Crawler Carriers For Every Industry

Terramac offers an array of specialized crawler carrier options for a growing number of industries including: oil and gas pipelines, geotechnical drilling, mining, utility, general construction, environmental land restoration, forestry, government and more. Each one of our carriers is designed with an exclusive chassis that allows for the most extreme application customizations without permanently altering the unit. Mounting industry specific equipment to our rubber tracked crawler carriers is beneficial for providing contractors the ability to access remote locations with all necessary jobsite equipment. Learn more about the industry specific applications available below, and give us a call at 630.365.4800 to discuss equipment options to meet your needs.

Construction Applications

Discover hassle free solutions for problematic construction projects with rubber tracked crawler carriers. Terramac provides low ground pressure carriers and supreme customization options for various construction support equipment to increase jobsite productivity.

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Drilling Applications

Create the perfect rubber tracked geotechnical drilling rig to accommodate all your drilling needs. Terramac is experienced in mounting a variety of brand name drill rigs of every size to our carriers to keep driller working year round.

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Environmental Applications

Find a diverse selection of rubber tracked carriers for environmental restoration and reclamation projects. Our environmental applications offer unmatched versatility and conquer problematic terrain without damaging sensitive ground conditions.

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Forestry Applications

Expand your capabilities in the forestry industry by utilizing Terramac crawler carriers on your next project. Our rubber tracked carriers are designed for off-road use and offer limitless customization options for forestry attachments to be mounted to the rear of the units.

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Government Applications

Terramac is committed to providing the United States’ government agencies and military installations with rubber tracked equipment to conquer every tough job.

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Mining Applications

Explore innovative solutions for tracked mining equipment with Terramac’s customizable crawler carriers. View the support equipment exploration and mining applications have come to depend on to conquer the most sensitive ground conditions.

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Pipeline Applications

Experience the benefits of customized rubber tracked pipeline equipment. Terramac specializes in mounting support equipment for pipeline applications, and will work with you to tailor your carrier to meet your jobsite needs.

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Aerial Bucket for Utilities

Utility Applications

Discover the broad range of utility applications that use Terramac crawler carriers. We track mount the utility equipment you use every day to provide more jobsite flexibility.

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landfill Management Applications

View an assortment of rubber tracked carriers for landfill maintenance and waste management projects. Each of our applications exerts low ground pressure for extreme versatility while conquering uneven terrain and minimizing damage to environmentally sensitive ground conditions.

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