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Terramac® Customizations


Terramac® is passionate about providing contractors versatile rubber track crawler carriers and we’ve designed our units to accommodate complete customization. From the minute you purchase to after the unit’s delivery, our team will work diligently with you to ensure you receive the rubber tracked carrier best suited for your needs. Custom crawler carrier options from Terramac® are available both after-market and from the factory.

By standard design, straight frame carriers manufactured by Terramac® feature an exclusive bolt on/off system for customization. The bolt system simplifies the mounting process for support equipment and reduces the need for permanent welding alterations. Utilizing this bolt feature allows customers to select from a wider range of custom attachments or interchange support equipment while maintaining the carrier’s original chassis. Factory modifications for Terramac® carriers have been designed by our team of engineers to accommodate oversized industry attachments. Terramac® accepts factory customization requests on an individual basis which is dependent on project and availability. Some custom crawler carrier units have been designed with frame extensions, custom built frames, supplementary auxiliary and hydraulic equipment, cab and joystick control options, and distinctive paint color to match your business.

Our strong focus on crawler carrier customizations truly sets us apart from the competition and ensures we will meet your needs from the start. For more information on Terramac® custom carrier options, give us a call at 630.365.4800 or contact a dealer near you.