Rubber Tracked Weld Decks


Application Details

Select a weld deck of your choice and mount it to a Terramac rubber tracked crawler carrier to tackle the welding process on the pipeline. Terramac’s nimble and compact RT6 and mid-sized RT9 carriers offer simplistic customization to accommodate weld deck attachments equipped with two diesel powered welders. The low ground pressure of our carriers provides contractors increased access to rugged and remote pipeline sites with all the necessary tooling to implement safe welding practices. Combined, the track mounted weld deck is an excellent all-in-one equipment solution for installing or repairing pipe on right-of-ways. For larger track mounted welding equipment, please see our track mounted tac rigs.

For information on customizing your Terramac crawler carrier with a weld deck attachment, please contact Terramac at 630.365.4800 or find a dealer near you.

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