Application Details

Combine the power and versatility of Terramac crawler carriers with your favorite hydroseeding applicator. All Terramac straight frame carriers are designed for simplistic customization and will accommodate various sizes and brands of hydroseeding equipment to dominate land reclamation and restoration projects. Mounting hydroseeding applicators to our Terramac track carriers is beneficial for increasing access to remote jobsites with rugged, steep or wet terrains and also minimizes ground damage by exerting low ground pressure. Once paired, a Terramac with hydroseeding applicator affords contractors the ability to deliver professional quality seeding, fertilizing and mulching in one simple process for extreme efficiency. Our tracked hydroseeding units are commonly used on right-of-ways, stream and lake reclamation sites, and landfill and mine closures.

For information on customizing your Terramac crawler carrier with a hydroseeding applicator, please contact Terramac at 630.365.4800 or find a dealer near you.