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Select the digger derrick of your choice and have it mounted to a Terramac rubber tracked crawler carrier. All Terramac straight frame models offer simplistic customization to accommodate various digger derrick attachments for utility transmission and distribution and powerline construction projects. The low ground pressure of track mounted digger derricks allows units to travel adverse ground conditions and rugged terrains with ease increasing access to remote jobsites. Paired together, a Terramac with digger derrick attachment provides utility contractors an all-in-one equipment solution for safely and efficiently constructing, maintaining and restoring power. Our track mounted digger derricks commonly tackle a wide-array of utility tasks such as digging holes, lifting and setting poles, turning screw anchors, setting transformers, and right-of-way maintenance.

For information on customizing your Terramac crawler carrier with a digger derrick attachment, please contact Terramac at 630.365.4800 or find a dealer near you.

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