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About Terramac® LLC

The History of Our Crawler Carrier Brand

After years of witnessing what crawler carrier users want and need, Terramac® was born with the mission of becoming the world’s leading manufacturer of high quality crawler carriers. To achieve this, we set out to change the way industries look at rubber tracked vehicles through product innovation, performance and customer satisfaction.

Terramac manufacturing takes place in North America, and began in 2011 when the first mid-sized RT9 carrier was debuted. The RT9 was designed by our engineering team to conquer the most commonly voiced struggles end users were having with the existing competition, and it quickly took the industry by storm for its superiority. Customer demand led us to expand the line in 2015 with the heavy duty RT14 carrier model. The RT14 carrier was designed using the same brand principles and an added emphasis on ‘tough and rugged’ for hauling larger loads. Early in 2016 we proudly launched the RT14R rotating crawler carrier. The RT14R joins the Terramac lineup offering customers the most precise and flexible dumping capabilities with its full 360-degree upper frame rotation. To round out our offerings, we added a smaller carrier model, the RT6 in 2017. The RT6 is nimble and compact for conquering smaller jobs yet rugged and durable like the other models. New for 2020, we unveiled our Terramac RT7R crawler carrier. This new carrier model combines 360-degree rotation with a compact design for ease of transport while maximizing efficiency.

A full-line dealer network covering the United States and Canada is in place to offer localized sales, rentals, and aftermarket parts and service accessibility to our customers. We truly value the importance of all our relationships and remain dedicated to exceeding customer expectations. As your needs change, we remain flexible in seeking out ways to provide you with the exact solution you need to keep your focus on the job at hand.

Discover the Difference in Terramac® by browsing through our rubber tracked crawler carriers online, or by giving us a call at 630.365.4800.

Latest Terramac® News & Media

Used Terramac Carrier Website

Terramac is pleased to announce the launch of a new website for accessing used rubber tracked carriers, www.usedterramac.com.

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