Terramac Crawler Carriers

Terramac Crawler Carriers

Rubber Track Crawler Carriers

Rubber track crawler carriers aren’t exactly new, but Mike Crimaldi’s vision for his new line of Terramac rubber track crawler carriers is a bit more futuristic.

Crimaldi sees a different and constantly changing profile for a new breed of rubber track crawler carriers. He envisions a rubber track utility vehicle that can transform into pretty much whatever its owner wants it to be. If you want a dumper, it can be a dumper. But it could also be a mulcher, a mat-carrier, a mobile epoxy coating machine, a hydroseeder, a mobile crane, a welding unit on tracks, a personnel carrier, a water tank carrier, or an off-road service vehicle.

With his new company, Terramac, launching a line of North American made rubber track crawler carriers, it appears that his vision has become a reality. Terramac has begun to manufacture customizable crawler carriers designed to take advantage of flaws in imported models.

“Contractors like the multi-terrain capabilities of rubber track crawler carriers. They also appreciate the fact that rubber tracks don’t tear up the ground or road surface like steel track crawler carriers, and they don’t leave ruts in delicate soil conditions like wheeled vehicles,” explained Crimaldi.

Rubber track crawler carriers still haul mats for other vehicles to drive on, but contractors are also using rubber track crawler carriers for a wide range of applications since they have a relatively minimal impact on the right-of-way. In fact, depending on the size of the crawler carrier unit and its load, rubber track crawler carriers may exert as little as 3 psi of pressure on the surface.

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