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Terramac’s focus on customization is easier to understand when placed against the backdrop of the company’s history.

Originally, Mike Crimaldi was a drilling contractor, working in the geotechnical, environmental and mineral exploration drilling industries. When he decided to get out of the contracting business in 2004, his first step was to sell off his fleet. As he began that process, he started getting requests that the crawler carriers be customized to meet the new owners’ specific requirements.

Since a robust refurbishing and customizing shop had always been a part of his fleet management program, Crimaldi had the resources to meet those demands.

The process of selling off his old crawler carrier fleet slowly but surely morphed into a new business, that of buying and selling new and used drill rigs and crawler carriers of one kind or another. As his new company, Rig Source Inc. grew, he kept the practice of customizing crawler carriers to meet customer requirements as a key business principal.

People in the industry told us we should look for some of the Japanese rubber track crawler carriers. We finally found some used rubber track crawler carriers for sale, and they were perfect for the size of these mineral exploration or geothermal rigs we were trying to refurbish.

The problem was that rubber track crawler carriers had very limited availability and a high cost, so for a long time all we bought were used crawler carriers. As availability increased, Rig Source became a dealer for new rubber track crawler carriers imported from Japan. But these still had some serious problems, including very long lead times for new units, so we eventually decided that the solution was to design and manufacture our own customizable rubber track crawler carriers.

For more information on purchasing a Terramac Rubber Track Crawler Carrier, contact our primary dealer, Rig Source, Inc.  Rig Source’s trained staff can provide speedy and accurate delivery on all parts and service requests.