Utility & Powerline Applications

Rubber Tracked Carriers That Streamline Utility Transmission & Distribution

Terramac® manufactures a full line of crawler carriers designed to accommodate an array of specialty attachments for utility and powerline work. Our rubber tracked carriers allow electric co-op crews to work safely and efficiently to install, restore or repair powerline services in remote areas. Each carrier model features high torque and low ground pressure making it easy for utility crews to climb steep hills and travel through unsteady ground conditions. Standard Terramac® carriers offer dump beds, rock beds or flat beds for hauling materials along utility right of ways. Additional utility attachments such as lineman winches, digger derricks, vacuum excavators, boom lifts and aerial buckets, fifth wheels, and personnel carriers may be added during production or after-the-fact for use on more specific powerline construction and utility pole installation jobsites.

Rubber Tracked Carrier Models for Utility & Powerline Applications Include: RT9, RT14 & RT14R.

Utility & Powerline Attachments Available

  • Lineman Winch
  • Digger Derrick
  • Rubber Tracked Aerial Bucket for UtilitiesAerial Bucket
  • Rubber Tracked Cement Mixer for UtilitiesCement Mixer
  • Personnel Carrier
  • Vacuum Excavator
  • Flat Bed
  • Rotating Bed

Additional Utility & Powerline Attachments

  • Fifth Wheel