Rubber Track Crawler Carriers

Rubber Track Crawler Carriers

Terramac Rubber Track Crawler Carriers

The Rubber Track Crawler Carriers are in such short supply that most manufacturers can get away with using the old Henry Ford sales tactic. "You could have a Model T in any color you wanted, as long as that color was black", but we needed to be better than that. While some rubber track crawler carrier manufacturers say that you can have one of their carriers fitted out to carry whatever you want, as long as thatís a dumper unit, we build to order.

At Terramac, if you want your rubber track crawler carrier to be equipped with a particular piece of equipment when it's delivered to you, your rubber track crawler carrier will be set up exactly the way you need it to get started on the job. No expensive extra costs for parts or eqiupment you don't need or want for your business.

The Terramac rubber track crawler carrier is already set up to accept whatever type of equipment the customer wants to mount on it. In fact, Terramac will work directly with the original equipment manufacturer of the unit to be mounted to ensure that the bolt pattern of the rubber track crawler carrierís bed will match up perfectly.

Terramac will also allow a customer to accessorize their rubber track crawler carrier directly from our factory before it's delivered or picked up.

For more information on purchasing a Terramac Rubber Track Carrier, contact our primary dealer, Rig Source, Inc.† Rig Sourceís trained staff can provide speedy and accurate delivery on all parts and service requests.