Rubber Track Crawler Carriers

Terramac Rubber Track Carriers

Terramac Rubber Track Carriers

“We’ve had customers that want to use a certain kind of winch on the front or rear of their rubber track crawler carrier,” Crimaldi explained.

The problem has been that they’ve had to literally cut off the carrier’s bumper to be able to mount the winch. When they order a Terramac, they just tell us what accessories they plan to mount, and we configure that particular unit to properly receive that particular winch, for example, when it’s delivered from the factory.

If you need a specific hydraulic pump, you’re not stuck with the one that would come standard with the dumper. You just spec it out to us when you order your Terramac Rubber Track Crawler Carrier, and you get exactly what you need.

For more information on purchasing a Terramac Rubber Track Carrier, contact our primary dealer, Rig Source, Inc.  Rig Source’s trained staff can provide speedy and accurate delivery on all parts and service requests.