Rubber Track Crawler Carriers

Terramac RT9 Rubber Track Carriers

RT9 Rubber Track Carriers

While Rig Source Inc. was developing the Terramac brand rubber track crawler carriers, we thought back to all the requests that contracting professionals around the world have made. We have brought them all together to create the Terramac rubber track crawler carriers that our customers can't get enough of. Our goal was to create an American made rubber track crawler carrier that can be customized to the job and the company, and with Terramac, we have achieved just that. Providing rubber track crawler carrier products that keep safety, reliability and versatility in mind.

First off the line is the Terramac RT9 Rubber Track Carrier, a rubber tracked crawler carrier. Our customers can depend on the RT9 rubber track carrier because it is built with total customization and dependability no matter what your needs.

The CE certified Terramac RT9 rubber track carrier model is equipped with a 230 hp Cummins diesel engine in both open cab and closed cab options with an 18,000 pound (8,200 kg) carrying capacity. The Terramac RT9 rubber track carrier unit has falling object protective structure (FOPS) components as well as rollover protective structure (ROPS). The Terramac RT9 rubber track carrier's ground pressure is 4.9 psi when fully loaded. The RT9 rubber track crawler carrier's easy front and rear bolt-on attachments can accommodate your needs in the drilling and general construction industries.

See how the Terramac rubber track crawler carriers will exceed your expectations on the job. Visit the rest of or for more information about our drill rigs or crawler carriers sales and rental options.

For more information on purchasing a Terramac Rubber Track Carrier, contact our primary dealer, Rig Source, Inc.  Rig Source’s trained staff can provide speedy and accurate delivery on all parts and service requests.