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Terramac® RT14R Crawler Carrier

The Carrier With 360° Rotation

The RT14R crawler carrier is designed to conquer the most sensitive and confined jobsites with a complete 360 degree rotation. The RT14R can offload materials at any angle and on the go for increased efficiency. The full rotation also allows operators to travel in a forward facing position which reduces fatigue and increases safety. The rugged upper frame of the RT14R provides a 28,000 lb. carrying capacity to haul the heaviest loads while reducing wear on the tracks and ground. Enjoy more efficiency from fast cycle times, and deliver precision like never before.

  • 360 degree rotation
  • 28,000 lb. carrying capacity
  • Tier 4 engine

Terramac® is committed to providing you an unprecedented degree of customer service, and we are excited to be offering this new unit that will bring your team into an era of new maneuverability. All Terramac® crawler carriers are offered through a full line dealer network so find yours today for more information, or give us a call at 630.365.4800.

Standard Terramac® RT14R Unit

The Terramac® RT14R features a 360-degree rotatable frame along with a 28,000 lb. carrying capacity bed that can dump at any position. This functionality will bring improved efficiencies to the job site while minimizing environmental damage. Ideal for a variety of projects including environmental, general construction and many more.


Full Length 20'
Full Width 9’ 8”
Wheel Base 12’ 5”
Min Ground Clearance 24”
Front Overhang 3’ 11.5”
Track Width 31.5”
Track Length 15’ 1”
Full Height 10’ 9”
Height of Rock Bed 7’ 5”
Height of Rock Side (Vessel) 21”
Length of Rock Bed (Vessel) 11’ 1"
Width of Rock Bed (Vessel) 8’ 11.5”
Dumping Angle 60°
Machine Weight (with bed) 40,000 lbs.


Manufacturer Cummins
Model QSL9 T4F
Displacement 543 cu. in.
Horsepower 320 HP
Electrical System 12 VDC
Battery (2) GRP 31, 2250 CCA
Fuel Capacity 90 gallons


Transmission HST
Piston Pump Capacity (x2) 64 gpm / side
Relief Valve Piston Pump 5,600 PSI
Tandem Gear Pump Capacity
    Front Section (HST Drive) 25 gpm @ 500 PSI
    Rear Section (Aux Output) 20 gpm @ 2500 PSI


Max. Carrying Capacity 28,000 lbs.
Travel Speed - 1st Gear 4.0 mph
Travel Speed - 2nd Gear 6.0 mph
Gradability (unloaded) 30%
Turning Radius 10' 8"
Ground Pressure (full capacity) 7.9 PSI
Ground Pressure (unloaded) 4.4 PSI


Full Length/WITH Rock Bed 6.1 m
Full Width 3.0 m
Wheel Base 3.8 m
Min Ground Clearance 7.3 m
Front Overhang 1.2 m
Track Width 9.6 m
Track Length 4.6 m
Full Height 3.3 m
Height of Rock Bed 2.3 m
Height of Rock Side (Vessel) 6.4 m
Length of Rock Bed (Vessel) 3.4 m
Width of Rock Bed (Vessel) 2.7 m
Dumping Angle 1 rad
Machine Weight (with bed) 18,144 kg


Manufacturer Cummins
Model QSL9 T4F
Displacement 8.9 L
Horsepower 239 kW
Electrical System 12 VDC
Battery (2) GRP 31, 2250 CCA
Fuel Capacity 341 L


Transmission HST
Piston Pump Capacity (x2) 242 L/m
Relief Valve Piston Pump 386 bar
Tandem Gear Pump Capacity
    Front Section (HST Drive) 95 L/m @ 34 bar
    Rear Section (Aux Output) 76 L/m @ 172 bar


Max. Carrying Capacity 12,701 kg
Travel Speed - 1st Gear 6.4 kph
Travel Speed - 2nd Gear 10 kph
Gradability (unloaded) .5 rad
Turning Radius 3.2 m
Ground Pressure (full capacity) .55 kg/c2
Ground Pressure (unloaded) .31 kg/c2

As a part of our commitment to quality and reliability, Terramac® provides limited warranty coverage for your new Terramac® carrier which is good for twelve months after the date of delivery to the initial purchaser or until the electronic control module (“ECM”) exceeds 1000 hours, whichever comes first.

Terramac® warrants that it will replace, at its sole option and discretion, any original parts of any Terramac® Carrier sold by it that are defective in material or workmanship, with the exception of parts and components identified in Section V “Exclusions from Limited Warranty”. All warranty repairs or replacements will be free of charge and must be performed by an authorized Terramac® dealer or approved vendor. Repaired or replaced parts are covered only for the remainder of the Limited Warranty Period.

The Terramac® rubber tracks are also warranted on a schedule in Section V “Exclusions from Limited Warranty”.

To view the complete Terramac® warranty download it here.